Gun-drilling at Drilling Dynamics

Middlebury, Connecticut Gun-drilling - Contract Job Capabilities

Middlebury Connecticut, gun drill, Gun-drilling Drilling Dynamics is equipped with a variety of single and multi-spindle NC and CNC Gun-drilling machines capable of drilling holes from .055” to 2.50” in diameter and up to 72” in depth. Holes are produced in cylindrical bar stock, screw machine, finished or semi-finished parts, blocks or blanks and in a variety of materials such as cast iron, steel, aluminum, Inconel, copper and plastics to name a few. Whatever part configuration requiring a hole, we have the ability to produce it with our Gun-drilling process in Middlebury, Connecticut.

  • In Connecticut, we have a large inventory of stock and specialty drills with the technical resources to modify, re-sharpen, repair and maintain drills on site at Drilling Dynamics.
  • As a secondary service operation we understand that quality parts and on time delivery are most crucial to our customers.
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